The basic of ARVEPLAN is:

Bird Program
– Registration of your birds
– Registration of Pair
– Breeding status
– Family tree
– Printing of Breeding cards
– Registration of youngs
– Printing of Pedigree
– Printing of Bird list
– Printing of Result list

Genetic Calculator

With ARVEPLAN you get a genetic calculator for 1 species.
Genetic Calculator is made for following species:
– Agapornis Roseicollis
– Agapornis Fischeri
– Agapornis Personatus
– Agapornis Nigrigenis
– Agapornis Lilianae
– Agapornis Taranta
– Budgerigars
– Pacific parrotlet
– Gouldian Finches

Picture Gallery

Over 100 good pictures of bird in Exhibition quality, from many different breeders and photographers.

Easy to use.
You enter as little as possible.
Correction of a bird included in many pedigree cards occurs only once, etc.