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You can read here, about the new version.

ARVEPLAN checks to see if there is a new version.
All you just have to do, is say yes to the new version

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you may be told about “Windows protected your PC”.
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Version (09-02-2022)
  • A wish from  breeders
    Possibility to have over 100 breeding cages 🙂
    For new users, you will be able to choose whether you want 2 or 3 digits. Cage no. see system setup (new tab).
    Are you a current ARVEPLAN user and do you wish to have 3 pos. Cage no. you must contact to have your database converted.
  • Optimization of show images
  • When changing from DEMO version to full version, the text DEMO on the breeder is removed, on the birds that have been created during the DEMO period.
  • Possibility of images of incomplete dominant sex-linked mutations (Gray-winged Redhead)
  • Correction by loading image on the bird
  • Correction by loading gender test from   
Version (24-05-2021)
  • Correction, when you loading image on the bird
  • Correction, loading sex test from
  • New function, Import gender test from via right-click on the bird, the PDF file can be viewed through ARVEPLAN, however, you must correct the gender of the bird yourself.  

Version (09-11-2020)

  • Faster start-up of ARVEPLAN
  • Possibility to correct Breeding card no.
  • Correction of Breeding cards in English, Dutch and German
  • Error creating “Family tree” using Button on “Bird information” (new function from last version), Error found and corrected.
  • For those who have the Online backup function, the option to restore directly (so Per does not have to find backup :))
  • Correction in translation into English and Dutch. 

Version (19-07-2020)

Genetic calculator:
  • Possibility to expand the field of “Possible offspring” (Arl + Up Arrow). Make at request from Rene Larsen, Frederikshavn DK.
  • Speed optimized by opening genetic calculator from Par overview
  • Pacific parrotlet (Lessons) in English version
  • For  species with gender difference (Taranta and Lessons) now pictures of both males and females

– Bird information, option to be able to select “Breeding status” and “Pedigree”.
Make at request from Bruno Solberg, Rønde DK
– Error correction on status image

– Correction – translation into English and Dutch (10/2-2020)

  • Genetisk calculator for Lovebirds (Fischeri, Personatus, Nigrigenis and Lilianae)
    – Greywing, the first mutation is Incomplete Sex-linked. (make at request of  Jørgen Madsen, Odense DK).
    – Change Blue and Allene mutationer. the name TurquoiseBlue change to Blue1Blue2.
  • Own logo on Peedigree and Breeding card, if you have your own logo, there NOT are square, placed it centered (make at request of KimmiG House from Indonesien)
  • Breeding card and Peedigree translated to Swedish (make at request of Anna-Carin Hildeby, Sverige) 

Version, date 06-10-2019

  • Genetic calculator for Color Budgerigars
  • New menu item under Help, “Quick start”. All the basis functions: create bird, create Pair, Print Breeding card, Register youngs and Print Pedigree. 
  • Layout change in Statistics module
  • Minor corrections to the translation into Dutch, thanks to Christian Brunenberg, Netherlands.
  • ARVEPLAN is installed locally on your PCs. But If Internet access is available, the image gallery will appear. Improvement so ARVEPLAN (hopefully) also works if you have slow internet, or restriction in access to the internet.
Version – 16-06-2019
  • The “Change Ring” function is now also renamed images and the sex test
  • Change when you “Select lines” and new sorting by clicking on the heading
  • Import of Sex test adjusted new format from (all languages)
  • Corrections in translation into English and Dutch

Version – 03-04-2019

  • Pedigree in French
  • Hold curser over the field “Image” and the image is displayed
  • Picture gallery, correction on search
  • Import of sex test from New format from Sexadodeaves, we have change ARVEPLAN and now you can again import sex tests, archive the PDF file and update the field “Sex” on the bird automatically (See File and Import sex test). Works on sex test in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italy and German.

Version – 06-08-2018

  • Pedigree in French (thanks to Romain Abos). So now Pedigree can be printed in 8 different languages.
  • Genetic calculator, Agapornis Roseicollis, new mutation “Pale” (sex linked and allele to Ino)
  • Genetic calculator, budgerigars, Yellowface and Goldenface (Allele to Blue).