Generel search rules:

  • When you filling search fields, you search from the beginning of the field.
  • If you put * in front you search somewhere in the field. You can use * several times in the search.
  • If you click on the fiend name, you change the serce to “Not” search.

The Different search options can be combined, also with selection via menu items.


Show only current birds from a specific year:
In the Ring field, type 10

Show current birds not from 10:
In the field Ring, type 10 and click on the text Ring, then the text change to “Not ring”.

Show current birds with BVA ring:
In the Ring field, type *BVA. * means that all birds with BVA somewhere in the Ring field are displayed.

View all birds registered in ARVEPLAN:
In the top menu, under “Selection” select “All”.

Show all birds in Cage 02:
In the Cage fiend, type 02.

Show all birds that have a color starting with Blue
In the Color field, type Blue.

Select all birds where Blue is included in the Color
Enter *Blue in the color field, then all birds in which Blue is included in the name, Examples “ef. Viol Blue” and “Green / blue”.

Show all birds that do not have the word Blue in the Color
Type *Blue in the color field and press the “Color” field to say “Not color”.

Search for birds that include both Viol and Blue
Type *Violet*Blue